Reasons #1-29 to Not Give Carissa Power

Bit of back story: I’m one of the Officers in SPG’s Cavalcadium Mumble Server. Because of this, I am able to create rooms at will - though they will disappear if everyone leaves them. Only David’s stick. 

Yesterday during Bunny’s art stream, I made such a room for myself. People came in and loved it. Once I told them that the room would disappear if they left, they vowed to stay. To my surprise, the room still existed this evening.

So I decided to have a little fun and change the room’s name a few times.

Or twenty nine.

  1. A Big Comfy Beanbag Chair to Watch Bunny’s Art Stream
  2. I Can’t Believe You Guys are Still in Here
  3. Teh Spine Sux lolz - xoxo Rabs
  4. Walter Manor’s 348th Library
  5. A Surprisingly Comfortable Pile of Hatchworth’s Extra Mustaches
  6. Somewhere Tangled in Steve’s Dreadlocks
  7. Three Steps Away from Falling into Marshmallow’s Giant Litter Box
  8. Waking Up Confused with Blue Matter Poisoning Setting in Quickly
  9. The Hall of Wires
  10. In a Pile of The Spine’s Extra Slacks
  11. In a Compromising Situation Thanks to Lil’ Steve
  12. Teh Spone Still Suxorz lolz - xoxoxo Rabs
  13. Beth and James’ Photo-Developing Dark Room
  14. Behind Sam’s Mustache
  15. Within the Quesadilla Stables
  16. Eww, You Stepped in Pegacorn Poo
  17. Are You Guys Sick of this Nonsense Yet
  18. Rollerskate King’s Roller Rink and Repair Shop
  19. In Airheart’s Plane Upon the Floor
  20. Amongst the Yodeling Jackalopes
  21. Captain Albert Alexander’s First Mate Cabin
  22. In a Dreamy Pantsless Glee
  23. On Top of the Universe
  24. At the Clockwork Vaudeville (Everybody’s Going, duh)
  25. Sweeping Up the Confetti Aftermath of the Ice Cream Parade
  26. Uncle Ralphie’s Magical Musical Sideshow Spectacular
  27. YO I Heard Teh Spine Still Sux so Much - xoxoxoxo Rabs
  28. It’s 2:13am and I Might be Running out of Ideas so Last but Not Least…
  29. Somehow Trapped in the Sheet Used as a Backdrop for the SPG Half Hour

…and this it remains. For now.

brassxgoggles asked:

Chelsea, you were just in my dream. You were part of an assassination team assigned to capture River Song for terrible testing. Your team finally caught her and had her cornered. You were in the back of the group and locked eyes with her, applying the poison lipstick she had in "Let's Kill Hitler." She realized what you were doing and looked relieved. You made an excuse to kiss her cheek, which killed her rather than making her suffer through the torture they had planned. And oh - you got away.

seapeny answered:

I killed her so I could assume her identity I bet…

Oh yes, I like you.


Okay so as we’re all aware, Midwest Media Expo is next week. I reserved two rooms at the RenCen, but as of right now, I only have five people rooming with me. I need at LEAST two more people to make it worthwhile to keep both rooms reserved. Especially since I just found out I OWE the state of…

Because I can’t help my friend CJ out, I’m calling upon all of you to do so! She’s a super rad chick that doesn’t deserve to be in a bind like this, so help her help you!

Have you considered coming to Midwest Media Expo? Want to see some robots, and this Walter Tech that they follow like ducklings, and Badass The Spine himself? Then come to this con! Oh gosh, while you’re there - you’ll need a place to stay. Talk to CJ!

And we close our eyes, pretending that the thoughts which cause our minds to race haven’t already taken us thousands of miles away, out of these beds, into the arms of completely different dreams.